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C&W Brown

Posted by admin on 19 July 2018

About six years ago, we decided we wanted to buy a holiday home in Italy with the longer term plan of buying a larger property at a later date and relocating to live there. So we started our search to find the location and then the property. We had an idea of where we wanted to be, somewhere fairly rural with easy access to walking areas and not too far from an airport. We travelled to many different parts of Italy and when we arrived to check out Abruzzo just over a year ago, we knew it was right and was where we wanted to buy our dream home.

 However, finding a property was always going to be a challenge. On our first visit we looked in lots of estate agents’ windows to get a feel for what was available in our price range.  On our second visit we contacted Vignaverde and they showed us a number of properties and we went home to reflect on what we had seen. On our next visit although I came armed with a list drawn up from the website, we agreed to let them also show us some houses they thought we would like and we ended up buying a house that I had not even given a second look when drawing up my list.

Apart from the obvious advantage of an English speaking agent, we are very happy that we used Vignaverde as we felt we received a very personal service with them taking time to get to know us and displaying an uncanny knack of understanding what we wanted, perhaps even better than we did.  The complexities of the actual purchase were also made really easy and simple to manage from a distance. There were just a few formalities when we went back to sign and it was particularly nice to meet the seller and be treated to a celebratory drink after the signing! All in all what we expected to be quite complex and stressful was made simple and a lot of fun – big thanks to Vignaverde.

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