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We help you find your dream property with our warm local smile for over ten years

When our clients arrive in Abruzzo, we give them a genuine italian welcome. We make them comfortable, build trust and do our best to create a collaborative relationship useful to property’s search


We go and visit one or more properties together with our clients, giving them the time to think on every aspect of these, answering doubts and assisting on a complete property evaluation


You are not in Italy, but you wish to see the property from the comfort of your home? Let us do the job for you!
We arrange virtual tours of our properties either live, via video calls or sending video/photo albums of the entire property you are interested in.
Our aim is to show you as much as possible, to ease the choice and find your dream home in Abruzzo.

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Pamper yourself and explore our region with our bespoke tours while you are looking for your dream home.
Our tours are organized in collaboration with Abruzzo Exploring.
These are for everyone who has fallen in love with Italy and Abruzzo and wish to buy their dream home or holiday property here, but want to know the area and its unique beauties.

During our 3 days tours you can visit most beautiful places of Abruzzo, experience unique traditions and visit properties to buy

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